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Question #1 How many years of experience do you have? What experience does Moda Republic have?

Moda Republic’s in-house tailoring staff have over 20 years’ experience in the suit and shirting business. Our team of tailors and tailoring assistants have all worked at various high end tailoring establishments and are all very experienced in helping a client with any questions they may have. Moda Republic's shirts and suiting workshops combined have over 50 years experience producing export-ready garments and also currently produce for various well-known tailors locally in Hong Kong.

Question #2 Which countries have taxes or duties?

Unfortunately we do not have specific tax and custom duties information. As such, we recommend all customers to consult with their local custom office for further details. As a general rule of thumb, many countries offer an exemption if the value does not exceed USD$200. Countries such as Australia, Singapore, South Korea and the US exempt taxes for packages under USD$200 in value.

Question #1 Do you offer women’s shirts?

We currently only offer men's shirts online. For women shirts, we welcome you to come visit our store or send us an email to to find out about our women's offering.

Question #2 How often do you add new fabrics?

We try to add at least one new fabric a week to our selections. Please check back weekly for our latest fabrics

Question #3 The fabric preview doesn't match the design in the fabric engine

Here at Moda Republic, we try our best to make sure every fabric looks as realistic as possible on our website. Utilizing state of the art 3D software, we create every image of the shirt and suit using the fabric. However due to the size of the shirt on out website versus the fabric pattern, we're unable to capture every fine detail of each pattern. If you have more questions about the fabric be sure to message us about it at

Question #4 Can I order a specific fabric not shown on your website?

Our store has thousands of fabrics and we do offer clients the ability to place a special order at an additional price. Please email us at with details of the fabric you are looking for and we will try and locate something suitable.