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Ordering & Production Process

Begin the ordering process by choosing from our selection of shirts, suits, vests and more. After you have chosen what you want, make sure you go over our multiple options to customize your product the way you want it. Once you’re done customizing proceed to the measuring process by choosing one of three measurement types: Body measurements, Standard Size or Item Measurement. Our website is revolutionary in allowing you three different types of measurements. Choose body measurements if you want to measure yourself for a perfect fitted item and follow our video guides for an easy step by step process. Standard size allows the user to choose a standard European / American size item instead of going through the measuring process. Item measurement is based on measuring an item that currently fits you well and inputing those measurements into our system.

Once we receive your measurements, out tailoring team at Moda Republic goes through your measurements and inputs it into our computerized system. The system allows us to keep a record of your measurements (and changes) and also helps us create the optimal fit by making a digitized silhouette. The digitized silhouette is used to determine how to properly cut your fabric to make the perfect fitted article of clothing. Once we have your fabric cut our professional tailors sew it all together to hopefully offer you the best fitted item you’ve ever put on your body. Rest assured that whether its crafting a shirt, suit or any other item we offer, we put the same amount of detail and attention to make sure it all fits perfectly.

The production time process normally ranges between 2-4 weeks and once completed we will have it shipped to you free of charge (total production time from placing the order to receiving the package at your doorstep is around 3-5 weeks). Expect a package from us within one week of the ship date!